Deeper foundations for higher aspirations 1 – The role of our aspirations

If ‘desire’ is a strong feeling of wanting something, ‘aspire’ is more to strive for something ambitious,  to commit oneself to the achievement of a lofty goal. Anna Jameson wisely said that, in some sense, we are what we aspire to be. Our aspirations reflect our being. To lift our vision to a higher aspiration and connect our minds and hearts to it, transforms us. We are not the same after seeing a new destiny than what we were before seeing it. True aspiration is personal and authentic, but can also be shared with many others. It is personal in the sense that we can see ourselves working towards the goal with the intuitive knowledge we have and the ‘right design’ to realise or help realise it. It can be a shared aspiration in the sense that the vision is big enough to evoke similar aspirations in others. Read More