Giving recognition

As fulfilling, exciting and creative as work sometimes can be, it can also make us intense, stressed, deeply fearful and self-absorbed. This would typically happen when we see everything from the perspective of competition for scarce resources and opportunities. We want desperately to be recognised but we don’t recognise others. We want praise but don’t praise others. Read More

Coping or growing?

Are you coping and managing or growing and leading? If you ask me, after sixty odd years in this life, I concur with Scott Peck (The road less travelled) that life is difficult. Every now and then we experience turbulence, curve balls or wrong ‘uns, major disappointments, high expectations, stressful situations, fear, anxiety, loneliness and confusion … if not devastating tragedies. This being so, the question is how we respond to these experiences. In essence there are three ways of responding: we succumb and give up hope; we find a way to cope; we grow. Read More

Deeper foundations for higher aspirations 4 – AMBITIONS AND COMMUNITY LIFE

To the degree that dreams of personal success, more recognition, more money, more power and more freedom, become the driver of people’s actions, community considerations become less important. For many of us, community life in villages and suburbs has become a vague memory of yester-year. Those get-togethers at townhalls, schools and churches were characterised by warm feelings of belonging and a general sense of goodwill, children running around playing with freedom and lots of laughter. Already, more than half the word’s population live in cities and the trend will continue. As a consequence, community life as we knew it, is on the decline.

Read More

Deeper foundations for higher aspirations 3 – Ambition in the workplace

What do people aspire to in the workplace? Is it not typically to first make a living (earn a salary), then try to make a good impression (especially on senior management) and then the higher aspiration to make progress to the next level of income and status? There is of course nothing odd or negative about career path development. The idea that, as a young adult, one needs to start somewhere, learn from experience and grow one’s competence and value, makes good sense. Read More