Our vision and beliefs about leadership

Our passion for the development of leaders in Africa brought us, as the founders of Future Leaders Africa, together. We have the belief that Africa is experiencing a rebirth. As Africans we are fully aware of the deep wounds caused in Africa’s history of  slavery and colonisation, but equally aware of its wonderful potential to rise out of the misery and despair of the past as well as the many tribulations that Africans are still experiencing today. We believe that Africans have every reason to believe in their own special qualities and abilities through which they can and will earn the respect of the rest of the world.

We believe that by supporting those currently in leadership roles and laying deep and solid foundations for young aspiring leaders, we help to open the door to Africa’s new and exciting future. We believe the main spiritual foundations for future leaders to be passion, vision and authenticity. The passion to make a positive difference in our world fuels the energy needed to take on the challenges we are facing. Vision inspires and give direction and hope. And all of our dreams and efforts must be grounded in personal authenticity, the willingness to always grow our character. Leadership encompasses heart, mind, soul and body. It is with the above-stated passion, vision and beliefs that we have carefully put together the Future Leaders Africa development journey. We prefer to name it a ‘journey’, instead of a ‘programme’, to emphasise the dynamic and exploratory nature of the process. ‘Travellers’ will be exposed to great and empowering insights. More importantly, they will make transforming discoveries about themselves. In the process they will learn how to balance personal power with relational and results power.

‘There is a new breed of leaders in Africa who are determined to be of relevance to their society and humanity … … there is a new breed of leaders who do not want to be remembered by history for their notoriety, disregard for human rights and good governance but rather want to be part of the forward match towards the establishment of a better life for their people by using the expertise garnered over the years for the good of their people … there is a new breed of leaders in Africa who want to establish the identity of the continent as an equal partner on the world stage and must be treated as such.

John Agyekum Kufuor

‘At the core of the development of our continent, leadership is make or break’.

Vusi Gumede


Dr. Gerhard van RensburgDr Gerhard van Rensburg – Thought leader and leadership coach

Gerhard works since 2002 in the leadership development field. He is well-known for his articles in the leadership field and is a column writer for the CEO magazine. He published two leadership books, The Leadership Challenge In Africa (foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu), and Leadership Thoughts. He is furthermore chosen by Motivational Press as one of their community of leading experts, thought leaders, and industry authorities. His articles are published in several leadership, management and human resources publications such as CEO, PMR, HR Future, HR.com and BusinessBrief.

Gerhard received the 2015 Titans Building Nations Country winner in Education and Training (Private Sector) award. In 2017 he received the Top 100 Global Coach award at the World HRD Congress as well as Acquisition International's Best in Executive coaching SA award.

Gerhard's books
The leadership challenge in africa 25 percentLEADERSHIP THOUGHTS MP cover

"There are hopeful signs and dreams of an African Renaissance. But these could end up mere empty acronyms unless Africa produces leaders who are allergic to selfaggrandisement, leaders who understand that a true, a real leader exists ultimately for the sake of the led. This book is a welcome aid to help aspirant and incumbent leaders to become such good leaders." - Archbishop Desmond Tutu