“Thank you very much. I learned a lot. The course changed my life.” – Felicia Mokgara

“The material is something I will continue to return to and reflect on. I believe it will be of lifelong value to me.”- Patrick Kaka

“The learning journey was an eye opening experience  requiring  me to do some self introspection.” – Mfolo Mathapelo

“It inspired me to believe in myself, refine my direction in life and inspire others to grow.” – Zola Mbusi

“The course has helped me start developing a different perspective on life and a different view of myself. I can sense a clarity returning, which is very good for my focus.” – Abel  Morake

“The experience of my learning journey was insightful, eye-opening, and above all it created a more positive thinking individual.” – Lerato Llale

“I know FLA is a unique and excellent programme that enables an individual to grow as they reflect deeply on the different principles. I would recommend any leader to embark on the FLA journey.” – Hope Zigwari

“It’s not often that you find a leadership program as concise and insightful as the Future Leaders Online Journey.  This journey is not about the theory of leadership or best practice its about finding and being true to your authentic self and leadership style.” – Michelle Pirie

“The programme is extremely well-structured, well thought through and easy to follow.  The contents life changing.  It helps you to realise your development areas without feelings of guilt and a sense of “I am not good enough”. The examples and case studies are relevant to Africa and often taken from Africa. Indeed a programme developed in Africa, by Africans for Africa.  It focusses on what we urgently and desperately need to develop leaders that can take Africa into a prosperous future.” – Hannes van Wyk

“The FLA programme is unique in many facets and elements. I enjoy the fact that it is Afrocentric and relevant for our African context where the dynamics and uncertainties are constant for leadership.” – Henk Kleizen

“It provided me with tremendous insight to myself, and assisted in keeping me focused during difficult and challenging times.” – Jacques Siebert

“The online leadership development journey is a brilliant tool. It is functional and practical and the depth of thought behind it is evident.” Dr Heydon Hall

“I have found the online support to be an excellent tool for personal development. What I specifically like is the practical assignment questions that follow on the theory to allow for self insight and application.” – Sharon Lefkowitz