ILM Level 5 Qualification in Business Coaching and Mentoring

As a suffix of the Business Learning Foundation we are proud to offer the ILM accredited level 5 Qualification in Business Coaching and Mentoring

How people experienced the course

“The ability to create commercially relevant Coaching conversations for the Leadership team was exceptional. This made the Coaching content come alive for me and the team” Lake Chemicals; MD

“The balance of knowledge, experience and real life situations and examples where Coaching works has brought it all to life and made sense of my role as a Coach. Added to this, the passion, energy and fun injected into every part of the program has meant this is the first time I haven’t looked at my mobile phone once during the training course! Loved it” JD Williams; CEO

“A perfectly tailored course delivered to a particularly high standard. Excellent delivery, kept the group engaged all the way through, Coaching learning made relevant and fun” City West Housing Trust; Team Lead

Public Course : See the information and cost below (minimum 6 people)

In-house Course: See the information and cost below (maximum 10 people per course)

Online Course: See the information and cost below. Start anytime on your Coaching Qualification. The Leadership Development Journey on Principle-based leadership® is included in the online course.  

Based on our extensive work and experience with leaders, both in the private and public sectors, this ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring programme has been designed to develop the capability of leaders to positively impact the performance of individuals and teams. We are experts at unlocking peak performance. Coaching and mentoring improves relationships, performance and engagement. This programme has been created to sharpen a leader's skills - enabling them to balance control, commitment and empowerment through productive conversations with individuals and teams.coaching Conversation 1

Who is it for?

Business coaching is the skill to have in today's rapidly changing business climate. People and team development through business coaching is fast, efficient and cost effective, and will get you measurable results. The ILM Level 5 Qualifications in Business Coaching and Mentoring are highly accessible and have been designed for all tiers of director, management and supervisory level, or indeed anyone involved in people development. With a business-relevant, tried-and-tested approach, we encourage participants to bring live business issues and case histories with them on the course.

Upon completion of this programme all attendees will receive the 'ILM Endorsed Programme in Business Coaching & Mentoring' certificate. Participants will also be eligible to receive ILM letters after their name; either AMInstLM (Affiliate/Associate Member Institute Leadership & Management) or MInstLM (Member Institute Leadership & Management).
coaching conversation 3
As with all ILM Accredited Programmes, participants will need to complete the post-programme activity in order to achieve their full 'ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management' certificate. These elements have been designed in order to show to the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) that you are able to put the skills and techniques learned on the programme into practice. We provide full support and guidance in completing these final elements.
Required Activities

We ask you to come prepared with issues which you are currently experiencing that you would be happy to discuss and be coached on. We also send out a short document containing questions and exercises which will help our coaches understand you better and work with you in order to receive the best training.
To achieve this ILM qualification, participants will have to complete the following post-course activities:
3 x work-based assignments need to be completed within 1 year from attendance and registration. Embedded in the assignments, the Certificate will require delegates to complete 12 hours of coaching or mentoring activity with one or more clients. The Diploma will require delegates to complete 100 hours of coaching or mentoring with three or more clients.
Tutor guided learning will take on the format of book and video reviews with ongoing tutor guidance and support via phone, Skype or face-to-face.
Optional: Self-initiated 2 x 45 min executive coaching sessions per delegate to offer a coaching best practice view.

Course Material
Each participant will be issued with a workbook to assist them both during and after the course, which will contain information, guidance and forms to assist with the coaching sessions. Participants will also complete a Paradigm psychometric report and receive a year's membership with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).
Course Syllabus
Module One

1.1) Explore the myths
1.2) What is coaching and mentoring?
1.3) What is business coaching?
1.4) Thoughts and perceptions
1.5) 7 competencies of a coach
1.6) Definitions - Mentoring / Consulting / Coaching / Therapy / Counseling
Module Two
Models and Practice

2.1) The Wheel of Life
2.2) Johari's Window
2.3) KASH - Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits of an effective coach
2.4) STAR / GROW model
2.5) Effective use of Paradigm cards
2.6) Practice and feedback
Module Three
Building the Relationship

3.1) Self-management
3.2) How motivation works
3.3) Personality & behavioural traits
3.4) Rapport and trust
Module Four
Communication and Practice

4.1) Non-verbal communication
4.2) Effective communication
4.3) Questioning through 2nd/3rd/4th level questioning
4.4) Building a bank of coaching questions
4.5) Practice and feedback
Module Five

5.1) Introduction
5.2) The coaching cycle
5.3) How to give feedback
5.4) The COMET model
5.5) Executive coaching
5.6) Psychometrics
5.7) Closing the coaching session
Module Six
Well-Formed Outcomes

6.1) Challenge and focus steps
6.2) Coaching goals
6.3) Establishing the gap analysis
6.4) Using diagnostic tools
6.5) SMART objectives
6.6) Designing & planning focus steps
6.7) Gaining commitment
6.8) Practice and feedback

Public course (in Johannesburg – minimum 6 people) : R 9980 p/p (certificate included)- Please see the payment terms in the Terms and Conditions page. To book, send an email to
In-house (maximum 10 delegates per course) : R 19 900 per day (additional R 3000 per person for certificate)  – To book for an in-house course send an email to
Online course (start anytime with tutor support: R 9980 p/p

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