In a single paragraph, we can describe the Future Leaders Africa offering as follows:

We offer a customisable online development journey with coaching, supervision and facilitation support.  The leadership principles are focused in three foundational areas of leadership namely :

  • What the leader models in his/her person (leading self)
  • The direction the leader is able to give (leading change)
  • The level of engagement and commitment the leader is able to get from others (leading others)

Value proposition

  • For individuals: Empowering  you with principled insight and basic skills in all areas of leading self, others and change, for any existing or future leadership role.
  • For organisations : Developing your leadership pipeline with the insights and core skills required for principle-based leadership in the areas of leading self, others and change.


32 Leadership principles development journey

  • 4 Years of development of the programme – neuroscience-based methodology
  • 74 pages of insightful teaching and illustration of 32 leadership principles and competencies in the areas of leading self, leading change and leading others
  • 32 video presentations by Dr Gerhard
  • 352 Questions for reflection and self-assessment
  • 309 multiple choice, matching and other format questions with immediate results to test understanding
  • 9 Assignment questions for evaluation
  • 71 links to carefully selected web-resources
  • Coaching support and group facilitation


Principle-based leadership™ simplifies and grounds the multifaceted concept of leadership in the range of principles that guides leaders’ thinking, behaviours and approaches to the task of leading. It stems from the belief that leaders grow their effectiveness and influence by internalising key principles. We call it inside-out leadership.

In our approach to leadership development we thoroughly take into consideration that leadership development is multidimensional and a long term process.  To grow as a leader encompasses what we think, what we believe, what we value, our attitudes and our behaviour.  We chose the metaphor of a journey for our programme. ‘Journey’ emphasises destiny, momentum, continuity, variety of experiences, internal and external challenges and changes, and the natural unfolding of learning and personal growth. The beliefs that guided us in the planning of the journey include the following –

A comprehensive and holistic learning process that effectively combine relevant contributions from science, philosophy and spirituality. We believe that sustainable growth follows when we are involved in something constructive that touches us holistically; mind, heart, body and soul.

Learning and growth is optimal when we are engaged in all three of the following types of conversation: The conversation with ourselves as we become more aware of the need for change and commit ourselves to it; the conversation with a coach/mentor who can skillfully guides us; and the conversation with colleagues or peers where perspectives and experiences of similar challenges are shared and new ways of communicating are practiced.

Personal growth and leadership development are inter-linked. It is a lifelong process. Self-awareness, authenticity and personal responsibility are fundamental and include both a person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Learning and development steps per principle

  1. Introduction to the principle
  2. Forum participation
  3. Illustration of the principle
  4. Forum participation
  5. Self-reflective questions and assessment
  6. Practical assignment for the week
  7. Feedback of learning
  8. Test your understanding


The programme can be customised in various ways to address leadership gaps:

  1. Managerial leadership (work organisations)
  2. Personal leadership development (PDA profile)
  3. Team leadership development (PDA group trend report)
  4. Value-based organisational development
  5. Women leadership development
  6. Entrepreneurial leadership development
  7. Youth leadership development
  8. Community leadership development
  9. Safety leadership development


10 Core beliefs underpinning Principle-based leadership

  1. The foundation to leadership development is personal development
  2. Leadership encompasses all human dimensions: the mind, body, spirit and soul
  3. Sustainable leadership effectiveness is dependent on the degree to which the leader truly believes in, values and lives leadership principles
  4. Content-heavy training does not produce better leaders, personal journeys in conversation with self, a coach/mentor and peers do
  5. Positive inside-out change is always an option and possibility
  6. The discovery of the limiting effect of our deep-seated commitment to self-protection, is key in changing our behaviour for more effectiveness
  7. Both science and age-old wisdom confirms and emphasises the willingness to remain open to new learning as pivotal in the pursuit of growth and excellence
  8. Competence without character and social intelligence is a high risk in leadership
  9. It is of key importance in leadership development that people feel responsible for their own progress
  10. 21st Century leadership is characterised by collective and collaborative processes, not elitist individuals

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